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PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:57 pm 
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yes that goes with the votes for again! but the mod of course not



PostPosted: Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:05 pm 
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moin moin,

the yellow edge hort with exclamation mark after missing meshes
(or misplaced) to.

@ Aero / Leaf
if the vote is missing paint on the English versions of a
Because in the EV race names (and other) enrolled course in English
can start the DV to nothing and you have
NEN silent film.
Help since only the search ne DV mod or myself via sat.
Here 2 times left to be implemented via processing tools:

http: / /

And this is still Buschner text (which you all for encouraging computer junk has Re: Maximum ):

************************* ****************************************

Changing the Language attribute of a previous installed mod

(I was only able to do this for the German version - so please forgive me-_-)

****************** ***********************************************

1 Effects of broken dialouge
2 What causes it
3 How to repair
3.1 Solution Help
4 Credits
5 Me

********************************************* ********************

1.Silence (in Cyrodiil)

*************** **************************************************

This happens when for example an english mod (any different language besides the one you installed) is installed into
your German version of Oblivion. The system, in that case its Oblivion.esm, searches for the audio files with the
english id given for each race. Dumb Shit - the audio files in the German version with German names are obviously named
(good guess, huh?).

I take for example in the mod _Ren_BeautyPack_full (besides I give a big hug and many credits to Ren for creating this mod!).
This mod gives you an extra race to choose from - Mystic Elves. As you look at the name you will probably imagine that this
is not the only thing thats written in english - thats right, it changes the class name of every race from German
(or a different language) into english.

Big trouble now - but Im here to help

********************************* ********************************


******* ************************************************** ********

Ill show you some things that change right away after you activate the mod ->

Before After

Argonian -> Argonian
Breton - > Breton
Dark Elf -> Darkelf
Dremora -> Dremora
Elf -> Highelf
Imperial -> Imperial
Khajiit -> Khajiit
North -> North
Elf -> Orc
Redguard -> Redguard
Wood Elf -> Woodelf

************ ************************************************** ***

As you can see everything is fucked up now, but nothing that cant be repared with some brain;)

****************** ***********************************************

3 Repairs (the mod need to be installed correctly to perform the next steps)?

********************************************** *******************

Everything you need is the TES Construction Set (and the notepad ...)

Start up the Construction Set, go under File -> Data ... -> Then set the Mod Ren as active plugin

Wait a bit ...

To prove that Im right go to Character -> Races and see that the names in the first row are in German
(or whatever ...) and in the second in english - HA! thats the error - so lets proceed

Close this Window race and go to File -> Export -> Names - You are going to export the names from
into this mod to *. txt file - but pretty dumb, dont blame me ...

Name and put it wherever you want (you should find it afterwards Re: Maximum)

Now open this txt file with the editor (or notepad or something similar)

***************************************** ************************

3.1 Important part (just in case do a copy of files you are going to change)

************************************************** ***************

Search for every single race (-> RACE <- only!) name in english and translate it back into As mentioned above
German (or the language you are using)


FormID: 00000907 Imperial Imperial RACE -> TRANSLATE THIS

FormID: 00000907 Imperial Imperial RACE <- TO THIS

FormID: 00000D43 Redguard Redguard RACE ->

FormID: 00000D43 Redguard Redguard RACE <-

FormID: 000223C8 WoodElf RACE WoodElf ->
FormID: 000223C8 WoodElf RACE Wood Elf < , -

FormID: 000224FC RACE Breton Breton ->
FormID: 000224FC Breton Breton RACE <-

FormID: 00023FE9 RACE Argonian Argonian ->
FormID : 00023FE9 Argonian Argonian RACE <-

FormID: 000191C0 RACE Orc Orc ->
FormID: 000191C0 RACE Orc Orc <-

FormID: 000191C1 DarkElf RACE DarkElf -> ,
FormID: 000191C1 DarkElf RACE Dark <-

FormID: 00,019,204 HighElf RACE HighElf ->
FormID: 00,019,204 HighElf RACE Elf <-

The only races that dont need to be translated (because the sound similar in English) are:


VERY IMPORTANT: Dont translate the new race from RENs mod (Mystic Elfes ...) they should stay in that language;)

When youre done with translating, save the txt file the - back in the Construction Set go to File -> Import -> Names
Select the file you just translated and import it.

If now again go to Character -> Races youll see that the row with the English race has changed names into German ones - yayy!

Save everything, close the set construction, start oblivion launcher, activate your mod and play Re: Maximum

*********** ************************************************** ****

hope I helped Re: Maximum

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