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 Post subject: Summary
Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:55 am 
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Hei people

times my attitude to these three games: Divinity 2 Risen Venetica.

Ok, we start with Divinity2 times.
Up to and including the Orobas Fyorden, or how the still hot, I find the game still OK. Aleroth, the alleged big city is shit, because verkloppt, only a few demons, then is Aleroth history. Again, this so-called exclusion zones with the dragon I think Mull.
Then it goes very quickly to the end of the game. You as the alleged savior of schlussentlich're fucked, very funny.
I've never seen a caged savior, so you learn is never stop.
I can understand every gamer who was fustriert of Divinity2.

Now to Risen times: Mull 70% also.

Is Gothic - style. This would go still.

But what does one actually in Risen? That you join a group you have, is forced / required, I also find shit. Who is it dan times in a guild of Blodsinn begins with the rise in the said guild, yes it wen dan was still making sense, I did not mind. Have you ever gone up very much in the guild, the game is soon over.
So in the Primary Risen is the rise in the guild. The game world is very small. In short, the whole game revolves really only for the promotion to a guild, all the rest I find very lame. I have Risen by only played once, I do not think I'll gambling through this again.

And finally, the fight against the boss, what can we say: let's greeting Tomb Raider.
Since hupfer You must jump, you defend and attack, all in one, otherwise the ground disappears beneath you, and you fall into the lava pit, with no change to get out there again. So you bought before a Tomb Raider game. The credit is also Mull.

So in my eyes cut from Venetica still the best.

What surprised me but in all three games is:

Up to the middle of the game I found them all great, but at Divinity2 Risen and I had more and more the feeling that the developers of the game as quickly as possible ready have wanted. I do not think there should be a continuation of Divinity2 and Risen, I was buy me this. In Venetica I had to put this over again.

So I can only hope Dragon Age will be better.

I just think the newer games no longer have the flair of Spellforce, Gothic 1 and 2, etc., since the end of the game led to at least a sense that I miss in today's games, unfortunately, that is because the only Venetica exception of above mentioned games.

If we have members that these games have also gambled, I was very happy to know your opinion. 'm Curious.

In this sense.


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