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Author Message
Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 6:59 pm 
Gamer Lv:0 Exp:5%
Gamer Lv:0 Exp:5%

Joined: Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:57 am
Posts: 5
Hey people,
I wanted to know me, what have you instaled games for the moment, as you can find these and why this is so.
So you get a little overview of what is here in the comunity and played so well displayed.

I also gleichmal the beginning of name tables in the form

column1 = games of the
= column2 Rating [+ + + = Great, + + = Very Good, + = Good, 0 = all ok , N / A = no rating; --- = Total Mull, - = very poor, - = bad]
col3 = Justify

Name Rating Argue

Age of Empires III + + + strategy at its best and good multiplayer mode
LOTR rise of Hexenkonigs N / A Not played
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 0 All okay, but not for the life
Yu-Gi-OH + Very funny but in the long boring

Fifa 10 + + + The new graphic patch and relatively current roster, and the CM a successful game (=
PES2009 + Fur for quick kick in between is not bad (original name and jersey Patch)
PokerTH + + Freeware Pokerspau
NSF Carbon + is okay Racing has never been my thing ^ -.

Call of Duty WaW N / A played Improperly
Halo ( 1) + + Good old shooter
UT 3 N / A is not playing, multiplayer mode has potential
CS 1.6 + For ne LAN okay (=

The Sims 2 + Sometimes very funny
Drakensang 0:00 am Could not bind convincingly
Fallout 3 + + It was a great game and certainly without the ending 3 times +, well, one probably is so that when I look at the
extension hol
Nehrim + +'ve been playing, great atmosphere. (s patch)
Oblivion + + + The best role-playing game with lots of great mods increase simply world class

Cluster Ball 0 Difficult control, now and then entirely spauig
Cryon + + + short-lived, but for great lunch break
Klomanager 0 Well, money was Darfur do not pay me, but a funny gack, the game already
Lemmings (in XP mode) + + + the creativity (=
Moorhuhn + load time, via bridges Prompts suitable. Unfortunately, the remake version
Shipwreck + + Great freeware game for in between
Volley 00:00 multiplayer is sometimes spauig

The Hobit + Jump and Run game, but with too much sneaking

Monkey Iceland 1-3 + + + classic, Fun
N64 emulator + + + old N64 games on the PC, good thing, even multiplayer good
SNES -. Obsolete, not my time, but DB is very funny
Game Boy C, A, DS + + + Jeha gamble the old Pokemon games again and the PC (=

. PS: Why you can not create a table, or display space with a
Something like:?

normal tabbel is well known, or something like that: Your Games list of assessment and founder


Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:33 am 
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Gamer Lv:0 Exp:0%

Joined: Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:30 am
Posts: 3
Ui moder because haste that be a topic set up are also the same time make ne list Re: your game list with assessment and founder But installed on the PC? But the consoles do not forget ... Re: your game list with assessment and founder
Oh my non bose (weiut you believe this), but find your list a little more visibility is reduced. So get it (if you will) between the Games ne blank line or something.
Great theme Re: your game list with assessment and founder
* wink *

Edit: Hm lol manno was slowly've already changed what or are still in the process?

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:57 pm 
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Gamer Lv:0 Exp:0%

Joined: Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:57 pm
Posts: 3
yes, my list was edited, both in word reading even when uberichtlich. did not go blank used when I realized the tables work, but nciht (see spoiler). But one probably can give me yes or help Nude Mod.

Of course one can console also help Nehen (=
Looking forward to your list. But please, only games that you yourself (it was instaled on pc, x-box or ps3 hard drive ^ ^)

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:57 pm 
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Gamer Lv:0 Exp:0%

Joined: Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:07 pm
Posts: 3
Well let's see how i handle it .... Probably not better.
Yeah, the only games I own, even as a bonus, the only games I have played or still play!
So now, just write Re: your game list with assessment and founder
* wink *

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:54 pm 
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Gamer Lv:0 Exp:5%

Joined: Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:50 am
Posts: 6
So now my time to list.
(Uncut) means that it is the version of the game, which is indicated in Germany, but there is a cut version, so I can advertise it.
[Censored] Heiut that there is no gesschnittene German version and I am therefore on the safe side ... Who wants to know how the game heiut ... 18 years old and PM.
Is pretty much become, sry. Here I have omitted many seehr Re: your game list with assessment and founder But the most important. And most of them I actually put it down and back on ...

PC Games:

Icewind Dale Heart of Winter + + + + Wow, the music world, in the end I had to cry
Icewind Dale 2 + + does not come to the first part ran
Baldur's Gate + addon + + + already deep RPG is, nihcts comparable (except Part 2)
Baldur's Gate 2 + Throne of Bhaal + + + just as awesome as part 1, story and quests better
Neverwinter Nights (with all the addons) + + + A game, which now makes it even Spau to play online, offline, too;)
Temple of Elemental Evil + + Hardcore difficult, but for fans awesome!
Morrowind + + + ABOUT 300 hours playing time and as much time modding, that says it all

Fallout 1 + + I was of the world simply fastziniert only.
Fallours 2 + + + I Find even better than Part 1, the extraordinary jet-black humor.
Fallout Tactics + schwachelt Unfortunately, the story and the system
The Fall - Last Days of Gaia + technology ziemloch Mull, but also Syncho to gain experience, great!

+ + + Dragonshard better RPG system as a case of WC3, but Baloance sample've been playing world!
Warcraft III TFT + + + + Now already 2 times through the story! (Mochtegern) Great RPG system
Spellforce + Addons + + played for days udn still dr plate

Torch Light + + Diablo in 3D, object hunting in pure
Restricted Area + Diablo future, amusing Spau, But Spau!
Diablo Hefflire + + + probably all know, there still playing online, who wants to play ^ ^?
Diablo II + LoD + + + This also play it online yet
Throne of Darkness + + Diablo in Asia, it was really great
Sacred Ьberzeugt not quite 0:00 am

Dark Project have 1 + + + This must be played, the atmosphere!
Dark Project 2 + + + Even better than part 1, great slow play!
3 + The Dark Project Atompshore and the world is simply worse than in Part 1 2 is)
Vampires Bloodlines + + + This game only once,
Dues Ex + + + My favorite RPG First Person Shooter, played out with 0 kills! I like vampires. Oh many nude patches * laughs *
Scumm games like Indiana Jones + + + Top Adventures which there is in my opinion! Create
+ Clonk own lvls makes Spau to 2 gaming to the PC, even more!


Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 + + + Great coop game! RPG meets Diablo!
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 + + + as good as part 1, great classes!
X-Men Legends + + + Who is on X-Men ... Slay Hack! Fully destructible environment!
X-Men Legends II + + + As part of a just another story
Demon Stone 12:00 Well I do not skin from the chair, but I just like the Forgotten Realms
Dungeons Dragons: Heroes + + + D D Hackner Slay, like Dark allince only in the D D universe
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel + + + How Dark Alliance only in the Fallout universe, sick humor! Haha Harold

KOTOR 1 + + + good races 3D RPG! And the best Star Wars game! The characters are great!
KotOR 2 + + + Sorry, something worse than part 1 but still good!
Jade Empire + + + Bioware show what they can again create a wonderful world.
Morrowind + + + Ui I've put in there time, I think I was addicted.

Time Splitters 2 + + Great shooter, really funny and NEN Koop Game.
Time Splitters 3 + + More Humor, Humorous Most shooters I know.
Halo + + + Wow determined by more than 10 times played.
0 Halo2 I find rather boring, very flat story.

Project Zero + + + The scary game! I think the thing is something of creepy shit!
Burnout 2 + Best racing game for the old box.
Gun (Uncut) + Dead Red Redemption for poor * laughs *
LOTR: The Third Age LOTR meets FF + +


Gears of [censored] + Brutal Splatter Spau but weak story [censored]
Gears of War 2 + ubler Still, brilliant graphics!
Army of [censored] + + Super horny masks co-op shooter!
Con [censored] + + + Best Suvival-horror-shooter of all time! A must have! But mercy!
Con [Censored] 2 + + Unfortunately, here the ingenious Atmosphahre flutes something.
Dead [censored] + + Fun Zombie zersplatterer, hehe (you can get it).
+ Ьbel, nochnie civilians [Pro [] Censored] like this ...

Dark Sector (Uncut) + Schonmal a man split in two?
Dead Space + + + I do not feel as creepy, but very very exciting and bloody.
+ + + Have Perfect Dark N64 Teite to the shooter!
Bioshock (Uncut) 0 Well System Shock 2, I found better
Boder Lands + Addons (Uncut) + + Bloody funny Koop game is still Spau.
The Darkness (Uncut) + + + Horny comics, great game. But nothing for the faint of heart, it's not real without it.

FF XIII + + + Wow, I could not believe when it was over, so sad and Itensiv.
Mass Effect 1 + + + My favorite game on the 360 Items great system, great RPG
Mass Effect 2 + + + Too little too much RPG Shooter but otherwise still great.
Dragon Age DLC + + + + + addon Just after Mass Effect My favorite RPG on the 360
Fallout 3 + All Addons (Uncut) + + + Дhm am now at 305 hours, have not yet, dowel Brutal and funny!
Two Worlds + dusty, poor technique, but great RPG system and play great world.
Oblivion + + + The Mammumtspiel, I'm still not through.
Divinity II + + Just started, great ideas!
Alpha Protocol + + + Just played through twice, nothing comparable
Eternal Sonata + + + More Intense as FF, yet melancholic and more addictive!

Lego Star Wars + Hm yes I like humor!
GTA 4 + All too easily, was disappointed. Had only one mission a second time to try (100%)
Dark Messiah of Might Magic (Uncut) + + Well, the stripped down PC version,
Marvel Ultimate allince + + How X-Men Legends Action style only and with many Marvel chars.
Overlord 12:00 Good game
Just Cause 2 + + Heyja, just started the most beautiful island in the game story Re: your game list with assessment and founder
Burnout Revenge + + My favorite racing game (the only one on the box ^ ^)


Posted: Sun Jan 17, 2010 12:45 am 
Gamer Lv:0 Exp:5%
Gamer Lv:0 Exp:5%

Joined: Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:09 pm
Posts: 6
nice list

are some interesting things very this title. as the vampire bloodline ^ ^, I'll be there but gaze a thing or two times more accurate (=

Oh something else, you have to censor do not play yours. Since thou I've imported the suspect everything is okay.'ve smuggled over the border if you do, then you may drotzdem your opinion with names and write everything in here, because this is a first page Schweitzer, Schweitzer is so pretty and 2 .. finds itself in Germany no censorship of written and audio place unless there is set thereby breaking through the game titles and name one of the auuerung own opinion is set no other broken, so one may well call it;.)

@ if you are here purely in the theme look usn, but please tell me how to tables or tables hammer out what similar. thank you (=

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:43 am 
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Gamer Lv:0 Exp:0%

Joined: Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:59 am
Posts: 3
Hi moder,
If you are also some great songs here, I've always wanted to look at AoE III. and CoD: WaW also.
But with Monkey Iceland have made to black Re: your game list with assessment and founder

I like running with the weiu Zenzur , because I've been busy with a number of years and weiu from experience that some officials probably did not know how the wind runs .... Also, I Berwert the games so well on a igrend art. And although my opinion is but addressed to the Цffentlichkeit. Well it could be seen as advertising. fell for Bin with something schonmal.
But your best argument is that all the Swiss side is here ne * laughs *. Aumann unless I had thought. I dunce.
But I leave it now at least. Will I be superior to nomma and then any other.
But thank you for your note.
And you have to see times, games, magazines and censoring writing, even if they only draw a small comparison.

* Wink *

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:17 pm 
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Gamer Lv:0 Exp:5%

Joined: Wed Oct 20, 2010 2:42 pm
Posts: 7

moder has written the following:.
nice list

are some interesting things much this title as the vampire bloodline ^ ^, I'll be there but gaze one or the other times more accurate (=

Oh something else, you have to censor your not playing. There you have it as I suspect imported everything is okay.'ve smuggled over the border if you do, then you may drotzdem your opinion with names and write everything in here, because 1 is the one schweitzer page therefore is quite schweitzer and 2nd place in Germany itself no censorship of written and audio instead, unless a set is broken by this. by the name of a game title and auuerung their own opinions to be set no other broken, so there ' call it well;.)

@ if you are here purely in the theme look usn, but please tell me how to hammer out similar tables tables or what thank you (=

Hi moder

That's good. Swiss side. Had to laugh the same, when I read this sentence.

But you're right, God is with us other laws prevail, thanks, or whoever.

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 12:09 am 
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Gamer Lv:0 Exp:5%

Joined: Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:04 am
Posts: 7
Hi moder

I have the properly understood, all the games that is currently on my hardware (computers) installed?

Oh no sufficient Darfur is not a screenshot, when I do ne list have you already several minutes scrolling to get to the end Re: your game list with assessment and founder .

I currently have 4 on this computer operating systems (NO JOKE), Win98, Win2000, and Vista1 Vista2, unfortunately I had to Win95 deleting due to driver shortage were otherwise even 5 system.

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 4:29 pm 
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Gamer Lv:0 Exp:0%

Joined: Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:04 pm
Posts: 2
Then I will sometimes.

Assassin's Creed (1) + + At first, the assassination missions funny after a while but it is a bit boring. Darfur entschadigt the game through an exciting and socially critical final sprint.

BioShock + Since I could not play because of an error never end I'm keeping my opinion. Until then, it has worked out very well in any case.

Burnout Paradise (TUB) + + + Action, races are combined here wonderful. For all friends racing game is a must.

Gothic2 (BP) + + + Now all times via one of the best games.

Half-Life1 (with Adon) + + Well, I can not give full credit only for bugs and the incredibly old technology. Otherwise it's awesome.

Half-Life2 (all episodes) + + + One of the best games I've ever played. If I even ran for at Gothic2.

Lego Star Wars (both) + + The first part was very good, the second not so good but he still made a lot Spau. Somehow, the humor and fitted Lego star wars simply connected.

Harry Potter Lego + He actually true all right, but he is the other Lego games a little too similar.

MassEffect1 + + A really good game, just the side missions are incredibly bad and the character to be colorless. Nevertheless, great story and Athmosphare.

MassEffect2 + + + Very very good. I was never a game so excited. Good story though predictable, incredibly well staged, incredibly deep characters and a Athmosphare that you need air.

Mirror's Edge + + Good game for in between. But nothing of the years, I remember later.

Need for Speed Carbon --- One of the worst games I've ever played, pure rip-off.

Need for Speed Undercover - actually quite nice if you like the style. But much too short.

Portal + + + + Well, the game is for me simply the best game there is. Justify person who wants to play it should.

Plants vs. Zombies + + super crazy for between and glorious.

Risen + + It's makes it Spau but something is missing. Except for the landscape (which is very good) the game is simple mittelmauig.

Split Second + + + It's just Spau the opposing cars trucks and skyscrapers to crush (or themselves to be crushed).

Spore + + Very very Hubsch if one takes a liking to the idea. But it is in the Space stage at some point where visibility is so dies the Spau.

Oblivion (with addons) + + I have played it many hours, I could incredibly criticize it.

FlatOut2 + nice racing game that has a good multiplayer (rare in racing games), but was unfortunately incredibly fragile.

Gothic1 + + + Very old and not as good as Gothic2, Darfur, it has the nostalgia bonus.

There are still many I've played but not currently installed, but was paid to take forever.

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