Zilem's and Swiftlippins world edits did encourage me to create these patches.
Update 01.04.11: New alternative paintings patch. All pictures taken from oil paintings by the spanish artist Luis Royo. Added new preview for Nude mods for World of Warcraft 4.06.

Update 20.03.11: Added an archeology patch altering pictures at archeology screens. Introducing some artwork by Luis Royo here.

Previews (click on thumbnails):

To make the Nude mods for World of Warcraft 4.06 work: copy the contents of the zip's by the usage of a mpq editor
to your ~Worldofwarcraft/date/cache/SoundCache-patch-13596.MPQ or simply replace this
file, if you have no clue about mpq editors (be sure to have a backup of the original file).

Archeology patch download at Mediafire

Loading screens patch download at Mediafire

Pictures, banners, rugs patch download at mediafire

Royo paintings patch download at mediafire

World Patch: this combines all my patches (Nude mod for WoW 4.06 too) except the Royo patch with the statue edits done by
Zilem and Swiftlippin and is already renamed to the current Soundcache patch file.
World Patch download at Mediafire

Artists of Nude mod for WoW 4.06:

Agnidevi: Grim Batol Raid Screen, Forsaken and Scarlet Crusade Banner
Azazel1944: screens (Deepholm, Outlands), paintings, banners, rugs
Bloocarrot: screens, paintings, banners, rugs
Cocoasweety: PvP alliance flag (f.e. Tol Barad)
Colero: Horde Banners, Scarlet Crusade banner
Deadintheattic: Screens, forsaken portrait
Elune's Grace: screen, painting
Falingard: goblin banners
Fall1418: bloodelven rugs
Genzoman: screens, paintings, banners
Hitman: dalaran banners, screen
Ihsahnity: screens, Horde banners
James Wolf Strehle: Kalimdor screen, painting, nightelven wallhangings
Luis Royo: archeology pictures, alternative paintings patch, my avatar
Lunariis: screens (Northrend), paintings, banners, goblin pinup calendar
Marie Cannabis: bloodelven rugs
MongoBongo: screens, banners, rugs
Nooblar: screens (Eastern kingdom), paintings, banners
Schmierfink: screens, paintings, banners, rugs
Senseibushido: screens, banners, paintings
Shiramune: barbershop pole, painting, Stormwind Mage banner
Vaesark: drow picture, goblin pinup calendar
Yuni: screens, paintings, dwarven banners