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PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:18 am 
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Since this issue is also of interest, I'll post once this post here.

The original comes from nudecreator.


So then again I refer to the tutorial here: if
thanks to the pictures some help but here again a survey in German:

1 Fallout 3 Prepare for mods:
To Fallout 3 over at all to get access to mods, An entry must be changed in the Fallout.ini. Namely, the entry bInvalidateOlderFiles = 0
The 0 simply by a 1 and replace store. Backup not forgotten.
The Fallout.ini is usually where the savegames are stored on the game.

Preferably one should use the program ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated. It automatically changes the ini and has the advantage that no later text file must maintain the paths of modded textures or meshes. The other approach also builds on the fact that this tool is used.

Download (program version) or here in the Tools.
In the installation folder of Fallout 3 and select Copy. That's it.

As Next, you should download the Fallout 3 Mod Manager (FOMM)
Download or here in the Tools.

It does not matter where he is hinkopiert or installed. If the game is installed ordnungsgemau he finds it.
About the FOMM can see the load order of plugins (ESP / ESM files) and others that enable and disable. Some mods have to e.g. be loaded first or the last to work perfectly. If this is relevant field, it is usually here in the readmes for pediatric patients.
Auuerdem can start with the FOMM the game without inserting the DVD.
Other features include:
- BSA unpacker
- ESP Editor

As many mods are packed as a rar file, or a better format 7zip is also an unpacking program Requires.. Combination is recommended by me Winrar and 7zip. Just google. If both are freeware.

2 Mods

Sun .. now everything is in preparation. Now you can download from here, from Nexus or F3 or other mods. These are usually packed in rar or 7zip files. Included are usually multiple folders. usually a
Textures folder in which the textures
Meshes folder in which the meshes are
and / or
Sound folder in which the sound files are the be used by the mod.

Auuerdem are for Mods include the completely new things or Modifications of data from the original game while also plug-in (. Esp), or even Master (. Esm) files. replace
replacer mods, so the mods available meshes or textures mark no. oder.esm esp file. E.g. the nude mods, since they simply replace the meshes.
The game usually draws its data from. Bsa files. Thanks to the tool, and the INI ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated Дnderung weiu the game but that beginning in the new meshes, textures, etc. should look to folders and then possibly use these files.

ESP files are plug-in files
ESM master files are files. This dig a little obstinate to save game one, as the plug-in files. But to do more later.

3 Mods Install

Extract the first mods somewhere where you find them again.
Now you copied the folder contained, so depending on meshes, textures, sounds .... including. or esp. esm file into the Data folder of your installation F3.
Basically belongs to all mods in the DATA folder. Windows will ask you if the folders (meshes, textures ....) should be overwritten. Usually you can do that actually, since the sub-paths (eg Meshes/characters/dimon99 for the things of Dimon) always have different names and therefore no other mod should be overwritten.

Still be relatively rare trefe FOMOD are files. These can be relatively easily installed with the FOMM with one click. The FOMM with the corresponding data is automatically copied into the correct folder. Also you can uninstall via the FOMM with the corresponding mod slightly. should be

Once everything is copied you, if it was available, the ESM or ESP file can see and activate the FOMM. So just turn, and possibly also the load order another, and that's it. F3 start and genieuen new mod.

4 DLC's

Basically, the DLC's should not be about Windows Live gehandled. Mods to access content of the DLC's fall from elsewhere. Auuerdem it works with GFWL often not as smooth as it should.
You should copy the. Bsa and. Esm files of the DLC's in the Data folder and activate it via the FOMM.
You can find the data in the following locations, if you've downloaded the DLC's in GFWL.


system partition \ Documents and Settings \ USER \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ GFWLive \ Downloads
system partition \ Documents and Settings \ USER \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ XLive \ DLC


system partition \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ XLive \ DLC (English path ... unfortunately I weiu the German, since I do not have Vista)

The folders are hidden. Therefore must be set in the folder view option in Windows that also hidden folders to be displayed!

The paths you should see the DLC in packed state as a CAB file. This she was able to extract Winrar and copy the. Bsa files and the. Esm file in your Data folder F3. The DLC's should be loaded in FOMM first, then place on top.

The DLC Broken Steel enthallt also BIK video files to it in the F3/Data/Video - need to copy folders.

5 Patch problems:

The current F3 Patch 1.5 has brought a few bugs in the game that affect some mods. It comes in activated mods, the objects, creatures or NPCs to fall into place Цdland as soon as you save or use the quick trip.
Auuerdem they will not be reloaded when you leave the area in which they are placed. are

no problems, however when internal cells (ie, dungeons, insides of houses, Megaton, etc.) are affected. So the other mods inside cells are not affected.
Are not further affected master files, so mods use the ESM files.
In theory, you can convert with the tool FO3Edit FOMM or ESP files to ESM files. Of these, but is STRONGLY discouraged! ESM files anchored much more deeply into the save game and once in a mod update, only one ID changes within the mod, it can cause problems and you can save zerschieuen be fast. As long as an ESM file is not relevant field or one can expect further updates of the mod, should you fail to do so.

Since heiut easily available on Broken Steel refrain, and save the patch 1.5 and use them accordingly, but containing no mods first and hope for the next patch. This should be out soon because the next DLC is standing before the door.

6 Golden rules:

- Basically everything belongs to Mod data in the Data folder of the installation F3
- You should never install more than one mod at a time. In case of problems, then quickly weiu one is on which mod it and can clear this first, until there is an update.
- One should never use more mods and esp's and activate the same playing characteristics other. E.g. you can only use a mod that changes a specific NPC or companion. Also, you only use a nude mod. We must therefore decide whether to Type3, BABE, or other uses. With the FOP, you can also assign each a different breed Nude Body, but that requires advanced knowledge.
- You should copy the GFWL waive his stuff and DLC's in the Data folder, if you want to use mods that use DLC content. But even if it is not reasonable.
- Some mods or tools may be impaired in its functioning by Uncut patch. If something does not work, so try first without Uncut patch. Who won the game then will Uncut had shut Цsi have to get version

7 Saves clean:

Some mods require before update save game to be clean from the previous version.
This starts from the following parlous state.
If it is a companion mod is only once more into the game and cheer the crew. 3 days to wait and save. End game.

Old ESP disable the save and load again. 3-4 days sleeping in the game / wait and save again. End game.
Now update the mod and enable the new ESP. Done.

8 Featured Mods (compatible patch 1.5):

Here are a few recommendations. Everything to see Nexus and partly because then you have to register with files over 2 MB or from 18

- Fellout (schooner sky and weather settings):
- Better Companions and caravans (caravans of immortal power and improves AI companion):
- Project Beauty improved (the appearance of many NPC's): http://
- Type3 Female Body Replacer (Nude Body In my opinion the best so far and there are mostly new outfits Darfur): http://
- IPIP (New radio station for your own MP3's): = 1559
- Longer Shorter Days and Nights (and vice versa for those who prefer the night or the day on the way):

New outfits for Type3 simply looking for with the search for Nexus.

From me there has been this one:

- Female Mysterious Stranger:
Rapidshare link see Up

- Micro Bikini and more Recolor Pack:

Some other mods names of places or dialogues in English to . To avoid this I recommend the following tool:
- Fallout 3 Localizator:

Here a German dictionary Darfur

With this tool you can zuruckubersetzen with the corresponding dictionary, the ESP files. This is done in text and name automatically from the original game. But new things have to be translated manually yourself.


PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:42 am 
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Gamer Lv:0 Exp:0%

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Here's a supplement comes for the add-on Fallout 3 New Vegas.

1) The file !. AII-FNV bsa in the DATA folder of Fallout Vegas New Copy.

2) The following 3 edit INI files:
C: \ Documents and Settings \ ... \ My Games \ FalloutNV \ FALLOUT.INI
C: \ Documents and Settings \ .. . \ My Games \ FalloutNV \ FALLOUTPREFS.INI
In the install directory of New Fallout Vegas: look FALLOUT_DEFAULT.INI

There, according to the following content:
= SInvalidationFile ArchiveInvalidation.txt
iRetainFilenameOffsetTable = 1
iRetainFilenameStringTable = 1
iRetainDirectoryStringTable = 1
bCheckRuntimeCollisions = 0
bInvalidateOlderFiles = 1
bUseArchives = 1
SArchiveList = Fallout - Textures.bsa, Fallout - Textures2.bsa, Fallout - Meshes.bsa, Fallout - Voices1.bsa, Fallout - Sound.bsa, Fallout - Misc.bsa

in this area other:
SInvalidationFile =
iRetainFilenameOffsetTable = 1
iRetainFilenameStringTable = 1
iRetainDirectoryStringTable = 1
bCheckRuntimeCollisions = 0
bInvalidateOlderFiles = 1
bUseArchives = 1

SArchiveList = AII FNV bsa, Fallout -. Textures.bsa, Fallout - Textures2.bsa, Fallout - Meshes.bsa, Fallout - Voices1.bsa, Fallout - Sound.bsa, Fallout - Misc.bsa


SArchiveList = Fallout - Voices1.bsa, Fallout - Sound.bsa, Fallout - Misc.bsa, AII-FNV bsa, Fallout -. Textures.bsa, Fallout - Textures2.bsa, Fallout - Meshes.bsa

It should be noted:

where it should be noted here that the variant applies to the OR from the new patch,
FNV starts since otherwise, if it is written in a different arrangement.

Thanks to hierfur , and little witch, who sent me the info.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:55 am 
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Gamer Lv:0 Exp:10%

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Easiest usage I have found (and I have had to uninstall + reinstall Fallout 3, 5 times) is to use the Fallout Mod Manager and use both FOMOD and normal esp files to get the effect you are looking for and don't forget to ArchiveInvalidate in the tools section. You can also DL Archive Invalidation from TESNexus

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