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PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:37 am 
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Morning and welcome to the C C 4 thread.
The game itself is, according to Publisher on 16 March out and the Open Beta goes until 5 and I'm curious, I am once registered.

First impression: It has almost no resemblance more to the process! For example, the base building reduced to the absolute minimum and is valid only for defense and troops storm shelter.

We have the Recourcengewinnung. As with DoW now you have to keep taking special building and to obtain resources of.
In the MP game has to go each page a counter which points to the top faster, more Recourcengebaude you have. So, if you will, like the Arathi Basin in WoW. Very Happy

Also there are other buildings like you can conquer the artillery and air defense installations, old school then the factories produce mutant vehicles and units, things Free for all bunkers and a few more.

Then there is ien important difference: The base itself
On the card there is a so-called drop zone, at least for the MP maps will be defended by all sorts of heavy towers.
One chooses from three different base Grundtupen, offensive, defensive and support very different from each other.

Are mainly attacking heavily armed ground units that are less defensive units and defense facilities, such as Darfur Towers and bunkers.
These two move 'to fuu finalandcomma field, are so Walker or air cushion units.
The base supporters on both sides, however, is a kind of air / space ship and it is not surprising that most units can be built there, it can also build Jager and future versions of helicopters.
This can take up any positions, however, to shoot at most neutral, the country must take the few units take over that you have.

Yes, you read that right. To capture an enemy building, or to speed up the process, let one of its units, after having driven the enemy, or while a Teamkammerad this busy attacking the tower and schieuen to neutral. This is thus not damaged. More specifically said no! neutral buildings are damaged by fire.
Then to set Mowgli grows has more than the enemy's own units to this building (if the enemy still be close in) around the bar so as to bring in his own zone.
Did you managed to get control over what and is always because we won.

At the beginning you have is one, if also quite striking power quality, manage troops, that is what you can explore and build very limited.
However, you can get in the course of the game experience points are based on the actions one makes in-game.
You go to range and thus gets released over time more and more technologies that affect and sometimes even to the three basic types.
For example these are still totally vulnerable at the beginning, slow and unarmed. This changes with the times and find new units and improvements, the three basic types are also upgraded.

This ranges from auto repair facilities, over Geschutze, shields and better drives.

Furthermore, it was promised that may not carry you to choose the missions, at any time to scrap his cousin and then a new one. This will then not go down there was where the old, producing even the units heard that one builds the base in order to be released from Produktionsstraue, then you can wrap it again udn move on, but the drop zone and if the opponent there, at least in the MP mode, all defenses has zerbroselt units and announces that beleaguered, the game is pretty much over.

Thus, each card offers, even in SP mode, an elevated replay value because you can always play it differently, in other units and bases. Auuerdem ROBLEM that you have that your opponent is also mobile and can thus never directly knows where he is.
Often, one must again against a Ьbermacht anstinken, but here, EA has made provisions and a coop mode installed.
So you can for example an NPC or another player with you and make arrangements, at least with the latter, via Voice over IP, that is also integrated in the game.

Currently I'm playing the beta no longer, as has already been angekundigt that all success for the accounts of this game to be reset, so that upon release anfangt again at 0.

So far I have just time ... 4 games made.
My first was a 1 vs 1 game that I only won because my opponent has neglected the Recourcenturme and only out was to drive of my units. Too bad for him was that I hate a unit that could move underground, and he so did not see, so I more or less undisturbed, taking 4 of 5 Recourcenpunkten. Very Happy
My second was a 4 vs 4 match, and then went even more to the point.
During the first times I did not know what I should take, I am the 2nd Beschrenkt battle to the Supporter class and my comrades are supported by air units. It has been noticed immediately that there was an experienced player on our side because he assumed the helm, and sent us back to where we needed to.
Another victory for my side.

The next two matches, however, has lost my page.
The first has made all what he wanted and no one has coordinated. Ergo, we could not anstinken against our enemy, who still has some range was about us.
The 2nd I was playing alone against 4 other players, I have a good fight but ultimately lost.
Anyway, I've made a few points and have risen total 2 range. BUT! It only increases with the party to play on the preferred! The other party is neglected at the level at which it was last!

Say for example you can Nods are already in the General, on GDI we are opposed to still recruit ... Even though I'm wondering how to entrust the command or why a recruit a General gets only things that are gemarkert with the recruit status ... Rolling Eyes

Well, the game could be quite interesting anyway ... except for one small thing. There is a limit troops!

Was actually meant it, that special Tankrushes are more possible. But unfortunately this is not true. It can still be built Rushes, even if a higher technology level (rank) than the opponent. You get the better units, building up to a Rush. Also new is that pretty much any unit can schieuen to destinations ... What is EA I'll never understand it gesacht!

Anyway, it runs similarly to Dawn of War. It has a specific value points of troops in each mission. Each unit consumes so many points and the limit is reached, you can build nothing more! However, one should Huten only from one unit to build more. Each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages and!
At least in the MP maps are, however, can not be incrementing as in DoW troops limit. Whether this is the higher your rank, I'm not looking.

Well, now it remains to be seen nurnoch and I get the game on RELEASETAG. Pre, however, receive a small bonus, a bonus mission that seems to be Storywise allerdigns insignificant.
Where it goes, according to EA to have set a abtrunnigen Nod commander of a clever case for just the one true prophet of Tiberium, Kane!
Now you have to escape from the trap and / or beat the opponent in the curse.

There are still some things that are Ratzel prison.
For bleistifft the whereabouts of the Legion that the Scrin will again play an active role in what has become of all the parties from Kane's Wrath, which has led the parties to turn to jump on this mobile bases instead of the old to approach drove on and and and.

Let us sometimes surprising what EA has since made up.
However, I also have heard that many old fans balking at this new gaming system. It's just not a classic C C more, and that many of stout.

Well, as I said, surprisingly, we let ourselves. I will complement this thread yet when I made my first SP experience.
By then their good soldiers of the GDI, Kane and Young Mastermainds the Scrin. Soon we will meet again on the battlefields of the battered earth! Experience with the Command  Conquer 4 Beta


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